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Welcome to University Program Board

We say "U!" 



who are we?

The University Program Board (UPB) is a student-run organization that brings a variety of entertainment and educational programs to campus. It’s your source for campus activities! Students lead the work of two specialized committees: the general committee and the media committee. These committees create and promote a diverse array of campus programs, and all students are encouraged to get involved by joining a UPB committee.

Upcoming Events


Join the University Program Board in the SSC Ballroom with meme-inspired items like inflatable basketball, macaroni with the chicken strips, meme crafts, giveaways, and remember to 'treat yo self'!



Coming Soon

Penguins Game



Coming Soon

Coming Soon!


Calendar of Events

Member spotlight


Luke Brahler

Role: Director of Concerts 

Major: Communication: Integrated Marketing and Digital Media Production

Why did you join UPB?: I saw UPB at the involvement fair and it caught my attention. I wanted to see the behind-the-scenes process of event production.

What is your favorite: Getting hands-on event planning experience​.

Fun fact: I was featured in Americas Funniest Home Videos

One skill you gained from UPB: Leadership. 

Come Join Us at our Weekly Meetings

UPB Media: Our Media Committee works weekly to design graphics and posters for our upcoming events, create strategic social media campaigns, and capture videos and photos at all of our events. Opportunities are available to create portfolio work and develop skills outside of the classroom. We meet every Tuesday at 7:00 in room 217 in ECB.

General Body: Our General Body meets weekly to brainstorm, plan and discuss the details of upcoming events such as concerts, guest comedians, actors, influencers or advocates, travel trips to sporting events, seasonal activities or performances, and on-campus festivals. Students in UPB get the experience of working at events. We meet every Wednesday at 7:30 in room 116 in Vincent.

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