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Why UPB?

There are several reasons why someone should consider joining the University Program Board organization on campus. Here are a few:

1. Leadership and Professional Development: Being part of UPB provides opportunities for leadership and professional development. You can enhance your organizational and project management skills, learn to work collaboratively with a team, and gain valuable experience that can be highlighted on your resume.

2. Event Planning and Implementation: We are responsible for organizing and executing various events on campus. By joining, you can get hands-on experience in event planning, marketing, budgeting, and logistics. These skills are highly transferable and can be applied in various careers.

3. Networking Opportunities: UPB often collaborates with other student groups, departments, and external organizations. Joining UPB allows you to expand your network and build relationships with fellow students, campus staff, and professionals in different fields.

4. Making a Positive Impact: UPB aims to create engaging and entertaining experiences for the student body. By joining, you get the chance to contribute to the campus community and create memorable events that benefit your peers. It can be fulfilling to see the impact of your efforts on others' enjoyment and engagement.

5. Fun and Friendships:  UPB creates an environment for individuals who are involved to build meaningful and long lasting friendships with fellow participants. We like to get work done most; we also love to have fun, which is just as important. We help each other in accomplishments and laugh together. We are also accepting of everyone from race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. 

Come join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!!!


Nathan Mascia

UPB is one of the largest organizations on campus, and they really got me to be more involved on campus. 

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Owen Snyder

Not really sure who the guy in the picture is, but UPB ROCKS!!!!!!

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