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Storm Reid

 On Monday, April 10th Slippery Rock University invited actress Storm Reid to be a guest speaker. Dr. Emily Dolan who moderated the conversation led Storm to talk about pursuing an acting career, representation in the industry, building identity beyond her characters, along with her typical day, dealing with doubts or regrets, and balancing being a college student and an actress. She also gave us some fun answers about who she is as a person. When answering the question if she has been starstruck over a celebrity, she spoke about Zendaya and Oprah Winfrey. Storm also spoke about going to Milan fashion week and plugged her swimwear line with PacSun.

Fun Facts From the

Favorite Cookie: All cookies (likes them gooey/a bit undercooked) "A warm chocolate chip cookie will warm my heart" "Snickerdoodles are overrated".

What superpower would you have?: Teleportation

Favorite Dish: Sushi or Mom's homemade Mac and Cheese

Dinner with anyone dead or alive: Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, or Rihanna 

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